Twitterific Tweets: Eleanor Holmes Norton Likes Arts & Crafts, Bristol Palin Is Trying To Not Be A Skank

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · September 1, 2010

    City Paper DC @wcp Did Eleanor Holmes Norton get a bunch of 6th Graders to design her re-elect sign? - Taylor Dewey @taytot03 Just realized it's Wednesday. Which means #topchefdc tonight. Yessss! - - Dave Coleman @ KnuckleHeadDC Ahhh, this was classic genius!! RT @DeathAndTaxes: Dr. Katz, Dave Chappelle and Aquaman: A Trifecta! - Wonkette @Wonkette Bristol Palin Won't Dress Like a Whore On Her TeeVee Show

    - Greg Pinelo @gregpinelo I hope I am never praised for my simplicity. Blair: Bush world view had 'immense simplicity' -


    Markos Moulitsas @markos Brown & gay people are still fair game, though. RT @MPOTheHill: Top House Republican: Stop demonizing the oil industry