Twitterific Tweets: Is It Friday Yet?

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · August 19, 2010

    Alex Priest @ alexpriest Best thing I've read today, hands-down: "OUTRAGE OVER PLANS TO BUILD LIBRARY NEXT TO SARAH PALIN" - metrocurean @metrocurean Looks like people are excited for @LobstertruckDC! A reader sends this crazy pic, says line is longer now: - Patrick W. Gavin @pwgavin The opposite of Beiber slowed down is as awful as the former was awesome.

    - Fifty First (J)Dates @50FirstJDates

    - Tara Palmeri @tarapalmeri "Bag makers r allegedly giving their competition's products to @Sn00ki so she brings a bad rep to the label" wow

    - the DC AM @thedcam Me too, back to Heidi and Spencer please. RT @kalsoom82 I am so tired of hearing/reading about the so-called Ground Zero mosque. - Makeda GlamazonDiaries Vaginal Adornment | Vagazzling and Vattoos