Twitterific Tweets: It's Going To Be A Wacky Wednesday. Oh, And Happy Birthday Mr. President!

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · August 4, 2010

    CapitolHillStyle @CapHillStyle Just saw an intern in leopard print heels, a black micro-mini and a sheer leopard print tank top. She looked SO professional. Ugh. - Washington DC News @washdcnews Man Charged in Semen Attacks in Md. Stores - - D. Harris @aposhgirl Happy 49th Birthday @BarackObama! TommyMcFLY @TommyMcFLY Justin Beiber has a "Swagger Coach" How does he tell people what he does at a party? Weirdest job titles you've heard? 18007271073 - Ed Henry @edhenrycnn Morning stories saying President is celebrating 49th birthday "alone" are a little silly -- he's heading to Chicago for dinner w/friends - @xpressnightout Real Housewives of #DC are on @TodayShow now. They seem unable to speak one at a time. (Learn more about them here: - Jessica Milby @jessicarae85 Hmm National Lasagna Day was July 29 RT @socialepicurean Buca di Beppo is celebrating National Lasagna Day TODAY