Twitterific Tweets: We Thought Our Windows Were Going To Come Crashing In This Morning

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · August 12, 2010

    BrightestYoungThings @BYT Whoa "Wizard of Oz" weather, what's up? -

    erica feuerstein @ericaf87 ummm why is it pitch black outside? - - Lianne Farbes @LianneFarbes Good morning!! WTF is going on here in DC we have flooded metro stations!! - - Kelly Barrett @kellyalysia apparently it rained a lot last night in the district. I certainly slept right through it. - - Capitol Hill Barbie @caphillbarbie what is going on in dc? Everything on twitter and the post makes it sound like the apocalypse! - @expressnightout Looking less armageddon-like here at 15th & L. Is that the sun I see?