Arlington Rap Guy Does Metro Rap

by MADELEINE STARKEY · September 16, 2010

    If you recall, about a year ago, a guy was kind enough to produce an Arlington Rap that succinctly captured every stereotype of suburban life possible.  Remy is his name, and he brought you lines such as "I'm gonna eliminate you like I did gluten from my diet"and "Why are all these dudes wearing brown flip flops?!" and "I'm in Courthouse so much man they call me Michael Vick."  It was quite entertaining.  But that rap is also over a year old, so Remy decided it was time to freshen up his internet presence.

    So he put together another rap, also complete with music video, about the state of our Metro system.  Peep:

    Among our favorite verses from this diddy are:

    "Communtin' is dope / it's the only place where you can get the flu and gropped"

    "The train is finally coming now, it won't be far / it must be driven by a pirate because the board says ARR"


    "And there's no network in this tunnel and it's got me perplexed / Oh well, at least we know now that the driver can't text"

    And, in case you forgot the Arlington Rap, here it is: