YouTube Of The Day: Never Mess With A Man's World Of Warcraft

by guestofaguest · July 2, 2010

    Sometimes, a boy just wants to play World of Warcraft.  And when his mother intervenes to say "Billy, maybe you should see the light of day or interact with physical humans" Billy loses it.  Seriously.

    If this is not proof that television and video games are actually destroying our youth, I don't know what is.



    America, if you play too much Warcraft, you will become obsessed.  Addicted.  Think about what will happen when you are inevitably rendered incapable of playing, for whatever reason.  As "Billy" has shown us, you run the risk of:

    Attempting to shove a remote up your butt

    Walking into your closet and shutting yourself in

    Beating your chest in anger, à la King Kong.

    So, kids, cool it with the video games, mmk?