BYT Karaoke Campers Show Their Love For Tats and Toys

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · August 3, 2010

    If there's one thing we're sure of, it's that Brightest Young Things knows how to throw a rockin' pool party. This past weekend's Karaoke Camp at Capitol Skyline Hotel was jam-packed with BYT's usual crowd as well as a few special guests... and all of them seemed to LOVE tattoos and/or floaty pool toys. Here are a few examples...

    Those who love tats:

    Case and point... This guy loves tattoos AND has such D.C. pride! We like him.

    These bleach blonde beach babes have got some serious ink.

    Those who love pool floats: Stop looking at me swan!

    So many toys, so little time...

    Our investigative reporting team has yet to determine whether those who love tats also love pool toys, or whether those who are float fans have any ink. We did, however, conclude these final things... 1) Even Leonardo DiCaprio likes a good rooftop pool party.

    2) Hillary Clinton (or is that Bill?) can Karaoke with the best of the best.

    3) This future BYTer must have an excellent fake i.d. and a serious license to party!