DC Gays Go To Ptown With Ridiculous 58-Page Memo

by Kyle O'Donnell · June 27, 2013

    DC Gays, you sure know how to party -- and here's a 58-page document to prove it!

    Gawker obtained a 58-page handbook for some summer frivolity in the den of homosexual sexcapades Provincetown. The blind item comes from about dozen DC Gays and outlines the dos and don'ts of the July 4th weekend.

    The gays in question include some former employees of Booze Allen Hamilton and some government agencies and let me tell you, they certainly know how to have a good time be anal (pun intended.)

    The docket includes a glossary of terms every hunk in Ptown must know, including the Dick Dock, the Drug Tug, and Well Strung (no wonder people oppose gay marriage) in addition to full pics of the houses and guidelines for this "fun misadventure" including discreet drug use and rules for "special guests" *wink*wink*! These gents bring party planning to an entirely new level.

    Here's a PSA for these DC Gays heading to Ptown: Please try to have fun! Get that stick out of your ass -- unless you're into that.

    Head over to Gawker to check out the full PDF of the document -- and take a shot whenever you roll your eyes.

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