Tareq Salahi Spotted With New Blonde At Dulles

by Sophie Pyle · October 6, 2011

    DC CELEBRITY paparazzi Mark Wilkins snapped this pic of White House crasher Tareq Salahi with a blonde flying back into the DC area via Dulles Airport earlier this week!

    Who is this blonde woman? It's unclear, but Hot 995 says she's dated Michael Lohan (and Tareq still owes Lohan some money from when he and Michaele rented one of his California houses this summer).

    From Michael Lohan to Tareq Salahi...I think this girl is just gunning for a reality show [hey, it takes one to know one!]

    I wonder if she'll ruin Tareq's plans for that Flavor Of Love-style reality show he's been pitching around. I hope his romance with this blonde fizzles fast, because I'd love to see the kind of chicks that line up to win a date with Tareq.