Tareq Tells MSNBC: Our Divorce Is Not A Publicity Stunt

by Sophie Pyle · September 25, 2011

    Tareq Salahi recently did an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer on MSNBC's Today Show, and he did a good job of not crying this time.

    Here are some highlights from the interview (or, watch the 9-minute clip below):



    Signs were put up backstage by Journey to ban Tareq entering the area at a recent show

    Divorce proceedings are still pending

    Texted Matt Lauer among many people when he first thought Michaele was missing

    Michaele had been communicating with Neal via email for the last two years

    Considered all of the bandmates in Journey his "friends"

    Doesn't think he can take her back

    She has been cold, hasn't been communicating with Tareq

    Apparently the Salahi dog is sick

    Insists it's not a publicity stunt

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