Uber Driver Tricked By DC Taxicab Commissioner Ron Linton: Impounded, Arrested

by Sophie Pyle · January 13, 2012

    This is soooooo rude!

    DC Taxicab Commissioner Ron Linton pulled a fast one this morning as tensions mount between luxury car service Uber and DC's cabs.

    According to the Washington Post,

    An Uber car was impounded and its driver was ticketed this morning as part of a sting operation, said the commission chairman, Ron Linton. The action comes two days after Linton said in a commission meeting that he considered the service to be operating illegally.

    Linton played a role in the sting, hailing a Uber car from a smartphone then directing it to the Mayflower Hotel, where city hack inspectors were waiting. The driver, who was not identified, was ticketed for two violations, Linton said.

    Yesterday, we posted a link for GofG readers to voice their complaints with the commission. Ron is putting his own interests ahead of the desires of citizens, and that is NOT right. Take their customer service survey and let them know that Washingtonians will not settle for one choice of chauffeured transportation (at least, not the worse of the two options we have now)! [photo via]