If you've been following the past century or so of Russian history (or have simply seen the seminal animated film Anastasia), you should know that the Romanovs didn't exactly end their reign on a high note. But the Russian Royal Family, whose lineage of monarchs include Peter The Great, and through marriage, Catherine The Great, has apparently been welcomed back to the motherland with open arms. 

They've even got a royal wedding - Russia's first in over 100 years - to prove it.

Just days ago, Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov, the so-called Tsesarevich (that's heir apparent) of the technically defunct Russian Imperial Empire, wed his Italian partner Victoria Romanovna Bettarini in a fittingly grand ceremony in St. Petersburg. From the bride's 23-foot train and tiara by French jeweler Chaumet to the couple's wedding rings designed by Fabergé (yes, of egg fame), the nuptials were as opulent as you'd expect.

As for the royal wedding guests in attendance? A slew of international nobility, including Queen Sofia of Spain, Princess Leia of Belgium, and Albania's Crown Prince Leka II.

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