One Of New York's Most Exclusive Bakers Chats Having Your Cake & Eating It Too

by Guest of A Guest · February 5, 2024

    A cake covered in flowers is basically a vegetable, right? 

    Like, it's the same thing as eating a salad?

    Sadly the transitive property doesn't quite work that way, but any bite of a cake whipped up by Amy Berger of Luckybird Cakes is beyond worth the dietary damage. At the forefront of the naked cake craze, Berger's delicious designs, each covered in her signature selection of farm fresh florals, is still a celebratory favorite from bridal moments to birthday soirees all these years later.

    With a reputation as one of the most exclusive cake studios in the city, Luckybird is opening its doors to the public in honor of Valentine's Day, offering a menu of holiday treats - cakes by the slice, mini cakes, rosewater scones and more - on Sunday, February 11th.

    Curious to learn the bakers take on all things sugary and sweet?

    How did you first get into baking?
    I grew up in Miami Beach and my mom had a little baking business out of our house called Delicious Delights which turned into a not so little baking business out of our house The smell of chocolate was always in the air. 

    You're a self-taught professional, what did that process of honing your craft in the kitchen look like?
    I always loved baking as a meditation and way to escape. I took my mom's long loved recipes and tweaked and tweaked A little more salty and a little more indulgent with premium ingredients of the time. 

    Are you a fan of the Great British Bake Off?
    Omg I never watch any of those shows. It takes away from my own little magic time in the kitchen. Not competing with anymore, just wanting to do what I love in the most delicious and beautiful way possible. 

    When it comes to wedding cakes, what are the most popular flavors you see couples gravitating towards?
    By far my most popular wedding cake is my vanilla whipped berry cake, sometimes with a lemon sponge. It’s a classic yellow cake filled with vanilla bean whipped cream and fresh berries of the season. The berries just sink into the cream and get more delicious as each hour passes. 

    Are you seeing more grand, large parties or small intimate affairs these days?
    I feel like there are always grand parties with huge cakes. They always make their way onto my calendar. But the small intimate affairs are much more constant. 

    Your cakes are always adorned with the most beautiful florals - what are your personal favorite buds to decorate with?
    Garden roses, ranunculus and eucalyptus 

    Any tips for dressing up a simple, store bought cake?
    I feel like a simple store bought cake should just be devoured for what it is. Simple deliciousness. 

    Seriously though, how much cake are you eating a day?
    I eat way too much cake. 

    Is it possible to have your cake and eat it too?
    I made my very own wedding cake. The morning of NYE in Santa Fe. It was actually such a joy to do. Helped distract from the anxiety of it all. 

    Couples who freeze the top tier of their wedding cake and eat it a year later... you endorse that tradition?
    I totally do but most of my couples order a little anniversary cakes each year. Fresh and adorned with florals, a little throwback to their original cake. 

    Thoughts on shoving cake in your spouse's face?
    Not a good idea. 

    What's a non-wedding, non-birthday occasion we should all be celebrating with a slice of cake?
    Friendship and love. 

    What's the biggest baking disaster you've experienced to date? 
    If only I could share that.

    When you're in the mood for something non-sweet, what do you make?
    My favorite thing in the world is a bowl of pasta cooked al dente with butter, olive oil and Maldon sea salt. 

    What's your favorite thing about your charming slice of Williamsburg?
    My neighborhood feels like a magical little food Mecca. We have the most amazing food and chefs all around me. From Win Som to Baby Blues, East Williamsburg if definitely a foodie destination.

    Any baking trends you're tired of seeing?
    Always love seeing what others are doing. It’s amazing to see how cake and fresh flowers are revisited again and again by new bakers all the time. And it always feels new. People always light up when they see any hand crafted cake adorned with gorgeous blooms. It feels forever current. 

    What are you most excited for next?
    I have been working on a book of cakes that has turned into a food diary full of little stories. A flower fell asleep on top of the cake is the working title.

    [Photos via Luckybird Cakes]