Will Misha Nonoo Share A Video Of Her Second High Society Wedding In Italy?!

by Stephanie Maida · September 24, 2019

    Over the past year or so, fashion designer and society darling Misha Nonoo has become somewhat of a household name thanks to the rumor that she was the secret matchmaker who set up Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - and was therefore responsible for the most anticipated marriage of the decade.

    This weekend, however, it was her star-studded wedding to oil heir Mikey Hess, attended by the royal newlyweds, along with the likes of Ivanka Trump, Karlie Kloss, Katy Perry, and Orlando Bloom, that hit the headlines. As one would expect, the A-list affair wasn't particularly social media friendly, and besides a few paparazzi photos of the guests en route, most of the details have remained pretty private. What we do know? The celebration was held at Villa Aurelia, a 17th century edifice in Rome, and Meghan herself was the only person to give a reading at the ceremony.

    Nevertheless, we do have some reason to expect more intimate info to emerge. Provided in a full-on cinematic recap, if history were to repeat itself. 

    Misha, you see, was previously wed to British art entrepreneur Alexander Gilkes, the co-founder and president of Paddle8. Their 2012 wedding was also held in Italy (Venice, to be exact), and also had a buzzworthy guest list full of royals and socialites. As for publicity? Well, the groom shared their very dramatically-shot wedding video with the entire internet. A fascinating watch to say the least.

    Here's hoping Misha and Mikey follow up with their own - or at least post some pictures on Instagram.

    [Photo via Getty]