Would You Get Married At White Castle?

by Millie Moore · June 9, 2017

    They say romance is dead these days, but if you get married at White Castle, it was congestive heart failure that killed it. 

    White Castle, which we consider the common man's Eleven Madison Park, is holding a contest for lovebirds who want to get hitched at their Las Vegas location. They will provide all the accoutrements of a wedding, from the photographer and food and flowers to the rehearsal dinner to a five day honeymoon in Belgium. Imagine how many basic bitches will be pinning pics of your fast food fairytale wedding on their Pinterest! 

    The catch? You and your boo thang have to write an essay on what White Castle means to you and submit it here. You have until the end of July to enter, and they announce winners in September. Taco Bell did a similar contest for their Las Vegas location on Valentine's Day earlier this year. I hate myself for knowing this, and I hate myself even more that I am too single and pathetic to win a Taco Bell contest. But at least I have a Taco Bell onesie that keeps me warm at night instead of a boyfriend. 

    And I would love to vouch for how delicious White Castle food is, but I've never had it sober. So I have absolutely no idea what it tastes like. But this is 21st century America, where fried chocolate and Instagrammable bites are considered food groups, so this is definitely not an opportunity you want to miss out on. 

    Just make sure your guests don't get so drunk at the wedding that they try to drink directly from the soda machine like a water fountain. Not that I would know from personal experience or anything.

    [Photo via @whitecastle]