“It’s hard to date boys,” my friend Olivia tells me, “because their Facebooks are terrible.” Why, you ask? Their abysmal profile pic game. “The first photo is going to be him on a mountain from 300 feet away,” she explains, “then it's going to be him in a band with terrible lighting and an ugly hat on. Then 8 photos of the same Pokemon - cropped slightly differently each time. And then a pixelated photo of them playing sports.”

Let’s learn from these mistakes, people, and turn to  hand-drawn portraiture for our profile stylings! An exquisite custom portrait can indicate so much more about your essence than a “candid” snap of you awkwardly cheesing with Solo cup in hand. Style doyennes like Tavi Gevinson and Hari Nef have hopped on this trend with darling doodles, so what’s your excuse?

Those in search of a portraitist to commission, never fear – the following is our compendium of several wildly talented artists, all of whose work is graceful, evocative and dripping with character. They’re all currently taking commissions, so what are you waiting for – show the world your true essence and get that portrait of yourself riding a dragon through the desert in lingerie!