"Nowhere In Manhattan" Art Exibit Unveiled At Construction Site Of P.S. 59

by Alexi Yeldezian · September 16, 2011

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    Students from the High School of Art and Design joined Matthew Jensen, New York photographer, to watch as he unveiled his newest project: "Nowhere in Manhattan" in a construction site at 250 East 57th. His photographs feature scenes of nature in New York City, even though they appear as if they are taken from exotic destinations across the globe.

    Jensen's project was in collaboration with high school art and design students and will decorate the streets of the construction site of the new High School of Art and Design and P.S. 59, which will tentatively open in 2012. With support from the Educational Construction Fund, The World-Wide Group has been able to develop one of the largest public-private partnerships in the history of the ECF, scaling a full 1.5 acres.