I knew Taylor Swift was trouble when she walked in with "Fifteen," a hit from her 2008 album Fearless. This song chronicles a freshman year of high school tale, but it's basically your average girls-shouldn't-have-sex story arc disguised as an uplifting coming of age tale. I kid you not, this self-dubbed feminist wrote a lyric that stated her friend "gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind," and, of course, she and said friend "both cried." Even as the distinctly un-woke teen I was in 2008, I felt weird listening to T-Swift's lyric that suggested that "everything [her friend] had" was her virginity. After a quick first listen, the line seemed kind of rude. But after a bit of examination, I realized it was actually pretty fucked up. The lyric comes from the same narrative (hey T. Swift, your favorite SAT word!) that has produced purity pledges and abstinence-only sex education. And since my first brush with her in 2008, I've been pretty suspicious of every publicized date she's been on and every trademark *surprised-awe gasp* she's gasped.

Ever since her debut, this scrappy, smirking starlet has been wreaking subtle havoc on anyone who has crossed her. Plus, she's continually harnessing feminism's newfound popularity to advance her career, while also being alarmingly un-feminist whenever that will advance her career. And through it all, she has maintained this underdog, victimized role that has, for the most part, veiled her Machiavellian tactics. In the end, Taylor's fall from grace is about way more than celebrity gossip - it's about unpacking the powers at play that allow her to get away with so much treachery while other stars suffer so much flack for smaller transgressions. 

Anyways, as you know, Kim K. has FINALLY #exposed the conniving faux-feminist. With this breakthrough, it's time to turn up the #KimExposedTaylorParty and salute the celebs who have also been steady, high-profile members of the Anti-Taylor Caucus. Clicking through is totally worth the potential risk of her PR team showing up to your door in the night and forcing you to publicly apologize for participating in Anti-Taylor discourse.

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