Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse

by GofG Public · September 16, 2008


    "Summer Days are officially over and so are evenings spent at Hampton's ledgendary Lobster Inn. For those craving their fresh seafood (or "Splat" to be specific), here is somewhere that might satisfy your cravings. Take a ride to Sheepshead Bay for Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse in Brooklyn. The best thing is their "All You Can Eat Buckets of Crab" seasoned with garlic or Old Bay Seasoning. You'll be equipped with a bib, cracker, mallet and lots of paper towel. Go now while the weather is warm and dine al fresco. Just a word of advise from someone who is there all the time ... read up on the proper way of de-shelling a crab or else you'd leave with cuts on your fingers from pulling and tugging on the shells. :-)"