Sushi Doughnuts Are A Thing Now

by Marisa Petrarca · November 15, 2016

    A new week means a new intriguing food trend has taken over Instagram. While some are more questionable than others, we promise that this one's a winner, especially if you're among the sushi-obsessed. 

    The latest hybrid: Sushi Doughnuts, an idea pioneered by popular Instagram user, vegan blogger and food artist Sam Murphy, known on social media as So Beautifully Raw. Famous for her creative vegan delicacies ranging from her mesmerizing galaxy donuts to her stunning avocado toast, each of her creations are sure to have you drooling on your phone screen. Her new cute, vegan treats are not to be confused with actual donuts. They're mainly just rice with sushi toppings in the shape of a donut. But this doesn't make them any less legendary.

    Sam explains in her Instagram post that sushi doughnuts are super easy to DIY. First, grease a donut mould with coconut oil, mould in cooled sushi rice and and then gently remove by lifting the pan upside down. To finish the creation, decorate with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew Mayo and avocado. Sushi doughnuts are perfect for a creative (and delicious) culinary project. Just be sure to snap a photo before you indulge (as if we need to remind you). 

    You'll be sure to witness the sushi donut trend reach an all time high in popularity following Sam's influence. Even Whole Foods has hopped on the bandwagon by creating their own version containing salmon and avocado inside of donut-shaped brown rice. Even though donuts and sushi seem like the two least logical food pairings, this trend is sure to blow the minds of foodies and artists alike. 

    Would you order a dozen?

    [Photos via @saltnpepperhere @sobeautifullyraw