Avocado Buns Are A Thing Now & We Have Questions

by Paige Hamburger · August 3, 2016

So apparently avocados are being used for just about everything nowadays. These health people have gone too far. The latest food trend sure to be loved by vegans and gluten-free nuts is the avocado bun. Yes, buns for your burger made out of damn avocados. Not gonna lie, it looks realllllly cool. But c'mon, we want our carbs. Let a girl live and give us a good ol' pretzel bun (or literally any other form of wheaty goodness). When you already have the issue of getting food in your mouth instead of all over your clothes, this just seems too complicated. Go ahead and try it, just don't be surprised when you suddenly look like the Hulk. 

We just have a few questions for the creator of this ungodly, hashtag-friendly new creation:

  • How do I pick it up without it crushing in my hands?
  • How much of it will get on my face after the first bite?
  • Straight up... just why? 
  • What do you have against bread?
  • Does guac still cost extra? 

If you have answers to any of these questions, please let us know because we're dying to figure this shit out. 

[Photos via @fooddeco]