Reefer Madness In A Macaroon

by Joseph Russell · July 14, 2008

    pot macaroonsSeems a certain estate's been testing out their herbology skills, to great effect. Certain people have yet to stop raving over the pot macaroons, in particular, so I've dredged up the recipe. Enjoy!

    Step 1: the butter

    .25oz weed 1 stick of butter cheesecloth

    melt the butter in a double boiler or in a pot over another pot of water

    once butter's melted, add weed and stir every few minutes for about twenty minutes

    let set for five minutes, then strain through cheesecloth into a bowl

    cover bowl and refrigerate

    Step two: the macaroons

    the butter

    1 package vanilla cake mix (or chocolate, if you prefer)

    2 eggs

    1 can sweetened condensed milk

    1 tsp vanilla

    1 c. shredded coconut (feel free to substitute/add other fruits and nuts)

    Heat oven to 350, and put cake mix, butter, and 1 egg in mixer; mix until combined

    in separate bowl, beat 2nd egg with milk, vanilla, and coconut until uniform.

    combine two bowls, and plunk in whichever shapes you desire onto a greased pan.

    Bake for about a half-hour, or until done.

    Eat (not too many).

    [Image via Beyond Wonderful]