"Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts" The Bart Simpson Chair

by Daniel Reynolds · May 1, 2012

    Apartment looking a little dull these days? Don’t have a cow, man. Instead, animate your home décor with the Bart Chair, a spiky-haired homage to America’s favorite cartoon misfit.

    Looking for a complete dining set? Designs of Marge, Homer, and Lisa are also available, and are guaranteed to take your TV dinners to a whole new dimension.

    This creative seating was designed by 56th Studio as part of their “Caricature as Furniture” series, which re-imagines pop culture icons as quirky chairs. Based in Thailand, the Studio “embraces pop and mainstream culture and often hijacks existing forms and makes a sarcastic commentary piece out of it.”

    For their furniture series, 56th Studio also hijacked the forms of Grace Jones and Lady Gaga. Even J.K. Rowling's Hedwig and Harry Potter swoop in for some lightning-scarred seating.

    But hurry! Snatch up your seats before this series gets cancelled.

    For more information, go HERE.

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