"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts" Sprayground, The Graffiti Utility Backpack

by Ramya Velury · January 11, 2012

    Sprayground is a New York City based company dedicated to providing “highly functional and dope” backpacks. Started by the designer, DBD, Sprayground was originally designed as backpack company for graffiti artists to transport spray-paint cans, as the bags have highly equipped interiors.

    Sprayground is dedicated to promoting legal street art, as it the source of inspiration behind the company. Voted bag company of the year by MTV and XXL magazine, these bags have now evolved in to a collection of original designs seen sported by various celebrities from Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt to Far East Movement.

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    [Justin Bieber, Far East Movement, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton]

    Sprayground is a highly expressive backpack company that has gotten inspiration from the simplest ideas. Their “Hello, my name is,” “Junk Mail,” and extremely popular "Money Stacks" bags have gone on to me some of their best selling. The have since been collaborating with different artists and companies from New Balance to comedian Jack Thriller.

    [David Ben-David, Jack Thriller]

    The brains behind the company goes by the name of David Ben-David... no but really...but he goes by DBD for short. His personal experience with street art began in Miami. He grew up skating and surfing and eventually developed an interest in street art by designing skateboards and surfboards. When talking about his inspiration behind creating Sprayground, DBD said,

    Our bags are unique because of their conceptual designs, a quality that we’ve been consistently keeping up with as you can see. To give you an idea, I wanted to do what Skullcandy did with the headphone industry, transforming something seemingly uninteresting visually into a conceptually compelling object. Why not create a bag that can match your shoes and shirt?

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    In over 11 states and 6 countries, check out their website for more information!