"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts" The Louis Vuitton Skateboard

by Daniel Reynolds · March 29, 2012

    Skateboarding? More like skate-boring. That is, until now. Louis Vuitton is rolling this trend back into fashion with their designer skateboard, which is ensured to spin your "daily grind" to a whole new level.

    Friends will be stoked to receive this gift, which comes complete with LV's signature case tagged with a burst of neon pink graffiti. You'll be sure to be the chicest street surfer on skate-Park Avenue.

    The skateboard is a homage to fashion designer and graffiti artist, Stephen Sprouse. In 2009, Louis Vuitton even redesigned their Soho boutique in honor of Sprouse's memory.

    So don't be fooled by posers -- only Louis Vuitton could (Tony) hawk an item like this. And at $8,250 you'd have to be off your half-pipe to miss this mod maneuver.

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