Rare books, vintage ephemera, zines from the age of iconic countercultural movements - all things you'd expect to find at a cool collector's hub in downtown New York City. But Montauk?

This summer, expert archivist Johan Kugelberg and his wife, Dr. Lila Wolfe, brought Boo-Hooray, their Soho gallery, to the summertime hot spot known more (these days at least) for its socialite crowd and A-list residents. The Boo-Hooray Summer Rental, a wood-shingled shed on Main Street, dons a sign designed by New York street artist Baron Von Fancy - the first clue as to what's going down inside. Which is, we'd say, a lot.

Retro surf posters, original photographs by living legends like Jonas Mekas, and a rotating series of shows and exhibitions led the "hepcats" to the Hamptons. But it wasn't just the impeccably curated collection that made Boo-Hooray a cool kid hang this season - Kugelberg worked with artists to create community-based events, like Tin Ojeda's Free Jazz Pizza and Pat McCarthy's City-To-Table Brunch. Needless to say, nothing pairs better with art than some al fresco bites in a gallery's backyard.

As the season winds down and Boo-Hooray's residency comes to a close, we caught up with Kugelberg to look back at the gallery's best moments and look ahead as to what next summer may bring.

[Photo by Madison McGaw/BFA.com]