LABL Brings The Street To Sag Harbor

by Adam Bertrand · July 11, 2008

    labl presents art 4

    When I think of Sag Harbor, cutting edge fashion isn't the first thing that comes to mind, but between Lisa Perry's boutique in the American Hotel, and LABL -the Manhattan-based fashion/art/lifestyle collective, setting up shop under the Java Nation (78 Main St), it may soon crack the top 10.

    The LABL team has done an excellent job of procuring hard-to-find and under-the-radar labels like Substance and Kenyon Bajus, and they also have an avid interest in building relationships with emerging artists, some of whose work is on display at the store.

    Many of the artists belong to Arts 4, which is based in Eastern Long Island.  If you go tonight between 6-8 , you can mingle with the artists as you admire their art (and devour the free Hagan-Daaz}.