Preserve. A Photography Exhibition

by Adam Bertrand · August 22, 2008


    “A celebration of local eastern Long Island photographers and the place they call home”.

    In the ever populating Hamptons, it is not always easy to stay afloat during the fast paced summer months. But for many of us it is not just the summer fun that we live here for. More important is the beauty of the land that we grew up in, its tranquility, and our friends — both ordinary and high profile folks alike.

    With big new money, corporate moguls eye business opportunities in our small towns, intending to replace locally owned businesses with ever-expanding corporate models. Without standing up for a lifestyle we believe in and a community we hold dear, this lovely place we call “home” will soon be over-developed while the charm that once made it so special will be lost for future generations — historic buildings and protective variances becoming a thing of the past. This event honors the special aspects of a place that has attracted so many with an aim to uphold local businesses, preserve a quality of life, and prevent the exodus of ordinary people due to spiraling prices. Tripoli Patterson and Samanthe Lobosco may not have all the answers to such complex problems, but now they have used their resources to produce a homegrown event for a “right” cause. With the help of Shane Dyckman, who has been providing a Bridgehampton barn for Mr. Patterson’s unique art shows — exhibitions that have converted it into a beautiful art gallery, reminiscent of days bygone — Patterson and Lobasco bring us an exciting photography show: Preserve. A Photography Exhibition. Adding to the fun and benefiting Save Sag Harbor, will be a live performance by their former high school classmate, Alexa Ray Joel, who has been turning heads, bringing a new image and sound to her very well-known surname.

    The art show spotlights three local photographers: Linda K. Alpern, of Sag Harbor, James Katsipis, from Montauk, and Emmett Shine, born and raised in Southampton.

    Linda K Alpern, a Sag Harbor resident of many years, had a solo show in 2004 at Guild Hall in East Hampton, after winning Best in Show in a group show the previous year. She has shown her work at several other local art galleries, including Glenn Horwitz on Newtown Lane, East Hampton. Her work documents ordinary and well known people who have made significant contributions to the history of the East End. Through her images — images that portray her subjects’ eyes and expressions in a personal manner — one can better understand the uniqueness of this special place. “Linda has a way of going very deep into the psyche of the person she photographs and her subjects tend to confide in her the trust that lets her capture their inner feelings without a sense of restriction or insecurity,” says Tripoli Patterson.

    James Katsipis, a local Montaukian, born in Southampton hospital in 1983, has been using photography as a way of sharing his visions as long as he can remember. “I take pictures to revive and hopefully instill these great notions of Montauk, into your minds so you can hold onto these moments forever,” explains Mr. Katsipis.

    Emmett Shine, born in 1984, doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t creating art. Having graduated from the photography and imaging department of New York University in 2006, Emmett played a crucial role in the development and launching of the locally loved street wear brand, Lola New York, as well as his upcoming company, Gin Lane Media. Mr. Shine is rarely seen without his camera, capturing everything that catches his keen eye. In this show he has chosen to document the “behind-the-scenes” youth generation of the Hamptons.

    Save Sag Harbor, founded in July of 2007 by a group of concerned citizens, is an apolitical, non-partisan, volunteer coalition, designed to preserve the “un-Hampton” feel of Sag Harbor and prevent the over-development of its village and harbor front. Its inclusion in Preserve. A Photography Exhibition, demonstrates our strong commitment to and support of the positive cause for which this exemplary coalition works. Proceeds from the thirty dollar tickets for the concert will go to SSH and entrance to the art show is free.

    Don’t miss seeing this enlightening exhibition and being a part of this meaningful event:

    5:00 – 8:00 PM on Saturday, August 30th at 2546 Montauk Hwy (directly behind the old Bulls’ Head Inn).