The Non-Gallery Pop-Up Gallery In Bridgehampton

by BRITTA LOFGREN · August 5, 2010

    It's called NOT A GALLERY. But, like a gallery, it hosted an opening last Saturday to celebrate the (non)gallery's new works, as well as the debut of new clothing line Astrophel + Stella. Hey, if it walks like a gallery and talks like a's a gallery.

    But call it what you like, this "gallery" (this terminology really is making it difficult to write this post) has an interesting view on art, and was even able to draw a substantial crowd on a busy Hamptons Saturday afternoon.  Competing with Polo is one move I'd never try, but they found those non-Polo types, fed them lots of wine and "sipping tequila" Casa Dragones (note: in our expert opinion, tequila should never be for "sipping") and slowly converted more believers to their views of non-gallery-ism.

    Founder Justin Belmont presented his newest collection at NOT A GALLERY, while designer Kristin Klonoski debuted her new fashion line, Astrophel + Stella. In addition to having pieces from her collection available for guests to browse, photos from Klonoski's line were displayed around the space, intermingling with Belmont's art. The overall result? A lovely afternoon of art and fashion.

    Now, we do need to give these guys more credit. We do realize that NOT A GALLERY isn't all anti-gallery because of the physical and aesthetic reasons (space, quality, artistry), but more on the principle.  And on principle, we get it - these guys are NOT a gallery. While traditional galleries fill their walls with pieces worth thousands upon thousands of dollars (many Hamptonites are certainly no strangers to this) all with hidden agendas and deeper meanings, NOT A GALLERY produces contemporary art priced from $249 to $699, with no ulterior motives or political agendas, but just for the fact of making something beautiful.