COTE Is Now Hand-Delivering Luxe Feasts To The Hamptons!

by Stephanie Maida · July 12, 2021

    Let's be real, when it comes to hosting an East End "cookout," hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad just isn't going to cut it. 

    Caviar and Wagyu? Now that's more like it.

    Whether you're in search of the perfect meal for a poolside dinner party or an epic menu for your private bonfire bash on the beach, COTE is ready to upgrade all of your summertime spreads out East. 

    The upscale Korean steakhouse (with uber trendy locations in both Manhattan and Miami) has just announced delivery service to the Hamptons. Who needs catering or a private chef when COTE is curating a Butcher's Feast to be packed and delivered straight to your door? 

    Hosts and hostesses with the most are sure to impress their guests with a multi-course meal of Regiis Ova caviar, prime hanger steak, 45+ day dry aged ribeye, Wagyu COTE steaks, marinated galbi, and rare Japanese A5 Wagyu, complete with all the fixings. 

    The high-end Hamptons BBQ in a box serves six (although no one would complain if you turned it into a date night dinner-for-two) and can be ordered ahead of the weekend for Friday-Saturday delivery.

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