The Secret Pizza of Pizzetteria Brunetti in Westhampton

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 29, 2010

    Though it may not have its own entrance, Pizzetteria Brunetti in Westhampton has been gaining recognition in its Naples-style pizza, with toppings that are deliciously classic, but also truly Hamptons.

    Set behind Main Street's Haagen Daz and Sydney's Catering, Pizzetteria Brunetti is invisible from the Hamptonites floating around Main Street, but is worth playing a little hide-and-seek to find. Owned by father and son team Michael and Jason Brunetti, the pizza and wine bar is a small, ultra casual venue that can be accessed from either of the above establishments' back doors. Though the historical Neapolitans insist that there are just two kinds of pizza (Margherita and Marinara), you'll definitely find more than that at Pizzetteria Brunetti, as it gives enough variety while still staying to true its Naples' roots.

    There are only 12 stools in the restaurant that boasts a brick oven imported straight from Naples, manned by Jason Brunetti, and we're curious to see how the dining experience and the alleged amazing pizza match-up. Though it seems to be an atypical Hamptons eatery, that's exactly why we are gung-ho to get our pizza chowdown on, and of course blog all about it. Stay tuned!

    [Photos via Pizzetteria Brunetti]