The Ultimate Hamptons Ice Cream Sandwich, Coming Soon!

by Sam Bobley · May 9, 2012

    The Tate-Witch, a tasty cookie and ice cream treat, is about to make some serious waves in the Hamptons this summer. Joe and Liza Tremblay, the owner's of Bay Burger, have shifted their focus to ice cream, and will be partnering up with Kathleen King, and the nationally renowned Tate's Bake Shop.

    Tate's cookies are already rated #1 in the country according to a Consumer Reports taste test, so combining them with top-of-the-line ice cream will likely result in a can't-miss summer dessert.

    The Tremblay's are planning on launching the Tate-Witch this early this summer. The delicious delicacy will be offered via the Tremblay's ice cream cart, and will hit the area's farmers' market, fund raisers, and events throughout the summer.