While Not Lounging Poolside...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 18, 2009

    [Photo by McCormick] Drink This. Okay, so until the sun comes out, which may be never since the weather forecast looks like eternal rain, "While Lounging Poolside" will be on hiatus, vacationing someplace sunny and warm. Therefore, "While Not Lounging Poolside" will be taking over until further notice. This recipe is for a hot cocktail called Cafe Pucci. Where the name came from, I do not know, but once you try this drink, you will certainly feel warm inside. Since coffee is a main ingredient, you might be able to slip this one by at work with no questions asked. Hey, its 5 o' clock somewhere. Recipe is as follows:


    1 oz gold rum

    1/4 oz amaretto liqueur

    1 tsp brown sugar

    1 cup strong coffee

    1 oz light whipped cream


    Warm the rum and amaretto in a heat proof glass

    Sit in the sugar

    Add the hot coffee

    Top it all off with the whipped cream