Aspirational Hamptons Traveling: V1 Jets

by J. J. HUNSECKER · June 26, 2008

    kelly will [Kelly WIll on V1 Jet on way to see Sam Talbot]

    Dreams do come true...this week I hopped a V1 Jet seaplane to Montauk...with Sam Talbot. (You know, the Surf Lodge chef - who just happens to be very handsome in addition to his talents in the kitchen.) It's not everyday I get a morning phone call offering me a flight from NYC to Montauk, a trip that with zero traffic takes 3 hours! I am blessed with good friends and they always think of me, so off I went to 23rd street and the East River to meet my pilot and board my 40 minute flight to the Hamptons. I arrived to see a perfectly safe and moderately-sized seaplane drifting in the water. The president of the company, Andrew Zarrow, met us at the dock and convinced me that though I have never flown in such a small aircraft, his pilots were professionals.

    More story and photos below:

    So, we boarded, buckled in and sat back for an unbelievably tranquil and beautiful flight that allows you to view every estate and private summer home just a few hundred feet below. Sam and I mainly discussed how pleasant the trip was after lots of fun debauchery at Goldbar the night before.

    Before I had to hop back on the plane (which landed on the ground at the Montauk airport), I of course enjoyed some of Sam's finest cuisine on the sunny deck of The Surf Lodge. I played a few games of Scrabble while diving (almost literally) into his special lobster salad, ceviche with popcorn and blueberries and scallops with watermelon. It's exactly the type of food you should be eating in Montauk, authentic and flavorful and straight from the water that day!

    I happily and sleepily (food and sun coma?) climbed into the plane as the sun was setting over the water for a magical trip right back to the East River courtesy of V1.

    As a special bonus I have learned through V1's Andrew, that his company has come up with their own technology (think: Google, eBay and Jet Blue combined) to eliminate excess carbon emissions to the environment by scheduling flights that eliminate "dead legs" (the one-way return flights after dropping off passengers) on over 5,000 chartered private jets. The company offsets remaining carbon emissions by donating to the Carbon Fund each year. I love an environmental team player.

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