Montauk Is Like, Totally Green! Remember?

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 8, 2011

    Before Surf Lodge, Ruschmeyers and Gurney's Day and Night Brunches, visitors were drawn to Montauk to escape. The Feast recently gave a round up of some of the best places in Montauk to escape and we picked our favorites just for you fine people.

    1. Shadmoor State Park - Walk .4 miles and you'll be at your first bluff overlook. Keep walking another mile east and you'll end up in Ditch Plains.

    2. Hoodoos - Yeah we said it. Why are they called such?

    "Those nooks and crannies in the bluffs from Shadmoor to Montauk Point are called 'hoodoos,' derived from the word 'voodoo' by settlers who were creeped out by similar formations in the wild west. "The water runs down and digs out ravines between these very sharp edged peaks," says Penny.

    3. Walking Dunes Nature Trail - For those who don't want to spend all day hiking, this quick one-mile trail is the answer. Plus it gives views of the harbor and Hither Woods.

    4. Cavett's Cove - As told by The Feast, "Cavett's Cove is a three-mile round-trip hike along the shoreline from Ditch Plains toward the Montauk lighthouse."

    5. Napeague Harbor - Keep a watch out for orange water, which apparently is due to iron. But don't be too freaked out, they still seems to have the biggest clam harvest.

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