Montauk Local Spots, Enter At Your Own Risk

by Anna Lombardi · June 14, 2011

    You can hate it, you can fight it, but you cannot deny it, Montauk has officially become the hot spot of the Hamptons. These days it is all about heading to the end of the island to make summer memories. So where do the locals of this newly coined sacred spot go?

    Some locals will party with you, some locals will key your car, but the true faces of Montauk have the ability to intimidate the crap out of you. Montauk locals are loyal and passionate about preserving their quality of life that they live the remaining ten months out of the year. And if you can't handle the heat that comes with being an outsider, stay out of the kitchen... these following local hot spots for a night cap.

    1. Shagwong Restaurant. Yummy Burgers (they are known to have the best in town), and fresh lobster. This place has been around since 1969. If you are looking for a local, quick bite in a cozy atmosphere - this is your spot, just don't expect anybody to care what shoes you are in. [Photo via]

    2. The Sloppy Tuna. The name gets me every time! The Sloppy Tuna is where Nicks used to be, with same set up sans stripper pole (sigh). Good drinks, same fun young local vibe. Leave your stilettos home, and brush up on your surf lingo.

    3. Liar's Saloon. I LOVE LIARS! During one of the NYC blizzards I spent a weekend away from the madness of the city and escaped to Montauk. I ended up spending most of my weekend at Liars. You would have had no idea there was six inches of snow coming down, the  the locals danced and sang into the night.  Go for a drink, a game of Foosball or some karaoke. Do not go if your attitude is pretentious, if you are looking for trouble, or if you are trying to pop a bottle.

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    4. Duryea's Lobster Deck. No waiters, no decor, no wine list, no credit cards, no problem! So long as you are not high maintenance that is. You will have the outdoor seating and water views of an over priced Hamptons hot spot minus the douchebaggery. Leave your fedora at home, pull back your hair, grab a beer and slap on a bib- it's lobster season!

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