Montauk Point Lighthouse Is Named A National Historic Landmark

by Yumi Matsuo · March 6, 2012

    Montauk LighthouseMontauk Point Lighthouse has long been one of Montauk's most treasured sites, and yesterday it finally got its well deserved recognition. According to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the U.S. Department of the Interior has designated the lighthouse as Long Island's 12th National Historic Landmark.

    The lighthouse was built back in 1796 under the orders of President George Washington, and has since stood as New York's oldest lighthouse. The light was essential during the 18th century when New York Harbor was the receiving port for imported British goods.

    Senator Gillibrand, who has been the driving force behind getting the site its landmark status said,

    “This is great news. The importance of this iconic lighthouse, which helped make New York Harbor the nation’s premier port, is indisputable. Montauk Point Lighthouse can finally take its rightful place as one of our National Historic Landmarks.”

    The newly achieved status is said to increase tourism in the area, making the upcoming summer in Montauk even more crowded than before. This might not be the best news for those city folk (GofG staff included) who migrate out there every summer.

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