Breaking: P.Diddy Buying The Surf Lodge, Montauk?!

by guestofaguest · January 20, 2012

    UPDATE: We just got off the phone with partner Jamie Mulholland. He tells us this rumor is completely FALSE and that the old Surf Lodge we know and love will be back at it bigger than ever this Summer.

    Rumor Patrol: Last night, we received some news from a highly credible source that P.Diddy, yes that P.Diddy, will be taking over the Surf Lodge in Montauk. The mega pop star, known primarily for his raging East Hampton "white" parties would seem to be the complete antithesis of everything that Surf Lodge, and Montauk for that matter, stand for. You know what they say...sometimes you have to reach rock bottom before you can start to see the light.

    But the owners are flat out denying it...

    Steven Kamali (@stevenkamali) tweeted:

    Nothing could be further from the truth! RT @nynightlife P. Diddy is buying The Surf Lodge?! @guestofaguest

    Something's not adding up here... We are determined to get to the bottom of this!

    And we've come full circle folks. The Surf Lodge opened its doors in May 2008 and since then has spent each Summer helping to transform the small under-the-radar fishing/surfing village of Montauk into the Summer hot spot for prepster and hipsters alike. It's gone from being the groovy local hangout, with intimate Stephen Marley concerts on the patio, to the hottest shit-show booze fest for weekend share house types hailing from all over the East End.  Part privileged prep students from Southampton, part Jersey Shore sharebies, with a sprinkle of washed out scenesters and new age hipsters displaced from the outlying hot spots like Rushmeyers that have sprouted up over the years; Surf Lodge was starting to stem far away from its initial roots. Each Summer it seems to have gotten a little less chic. Coupled with the fact that management and ownership have seen more changes than anyone cares to discuss, we were all wondering what would become of Surf Lodge this Summer.

    Well, it seems we have our answer. If P.Diddy (and that "if" seems likely), is indeed to take over the show at 183 Edgemere, what will this possibly mean for the already disgruntled residents of Montauk? They thought the hipsters were bad - do you think they have any idea what kind of shit show the Diddy crowd will bring?!

    Yeah, forget those "surfer vibes":

    Let's try to focus on the positive here. This latest reincarnation of Surf Lodge should bring with it just enough cheese to Montauk this Summer that the subsequent Summers to follow will perhaps become unappealing to the mass crowds.  Plus, think of the material it will provide us to talk about!! We'll have a parade of posts to feast over, more than all of Ben Watt's Shark Attack 4th of July parties combined.

    We can get through this together people....

    A brief look back on the Surf Lodge trajectory:

    Summer 2008:

    Sam Talbot was the hot newcomer chef [Interview with Sam Talbot]

    Julian Marley was hosting intimate concerts for a managable sized crowd of groovy Montauk locals [Surf Lodge, 2008]

    Tracey Feith steps in to design the server's shorts [Clothes Make the Man]

    Our crush grows throughout the summer, Surf Lodge can do no wrong. [Our Crush Heats Up]

    White Buffalo meets Dylan Lauren. Surf Lodge is officially hottest place of Summer [SL, 2008]

    Reggae Bands take over [Reggae]

    Summer 2009:

    Surf Lodge comes back with a big bang. By now your lawyer's kid from East Hampton is hiring a driver each weekend to take him out to the Lodge. But some locals in the area are starting to turn up their noses at the growing number of weekend par-tiers showing up on their turf. However it's still the best game around to meet your new summer love.

    Birthdays at Surf Lodge [Best $2k]

    Photos from Surf Lodge [2009]

    Stephen Marley Concert [2009]

    Summer 2010

    By Summer 2010, the buzz around Montauk continues to build. The Summer is booked with concerts and there is a growing disgruntlement amongst the community in Montauk.

    We deem Montauk the new Southampton. [Montauk is official Southampton]

    Memorial Day starts off strong with a giant party, pissing off more than a couple of locals. [Mem Day]

    Summer 2011

    Summer 2011 - Ruschmeyer's comes to town. Stealing some of the spotlight from the domination of Surf Lodge, all the cool kids turn in their views of the water for picnic benches, tents and swings at the full scale "adult day camp." A few Surf Lodge fans still linger, but Saturday nights become a cheeseball mess, as the scenesters have moved on to bigger (and better?) things. Surf Lodge tries to keep it's cool.

    The Surf Lodge Take Over Of Second House Tavern! [Nightlife]

    Summer Music Conerts Continue On With The Smith Westerns [The Smith Westerns At Surf Lodge]

    10 Questions with Surf Lodge Owner Jayma Cardoso [Interview]

    Summer 2012

    SO WHAT TO DO? Where will everyone go to get their fix of "Montauk"? Will we be forced to retire to the over-crowded hipster scene at Ruschmeyer's? Or taking shots from a midget at the Sloppy Tuna? Or sipping Rosé at the Crow's Nest? Will Gurney's Inn swoop in and capitalize on their small hipster/Day & Night presence? What about Navy Beach's chilled out vibe? Or (god forbid) going to the Memory before 2 am? Or maybe everyone will head back towards the strip - towards newcomer Banzai Burger... Will Montauk lose it's edge completely by Summer 2012!??!?