Pop-Up Church Opening In Montauk, NYC's Liberty Church Coming To Help You Clean Up On Sunday Mornings

by guestofaguest · June 7, 2013

    Liberty Church Pop Up In MontaukThe Pop-Up trend continues: ”There are pop up restaurants, pop up shops but what about a pop up church?" Montauk will have a new, temporary place of worship this summer. Liberty Church, which is based in Soho and Union Square in Manhattan has launched a Liberty Montauk Pop up Church every Sunday at 11am.

    Why Montauk?

    “The big thing for us is always the community, and being a catalyst and a cause,” Ms. Marquez said. So why Montauk? "We really love Montauk and its people," said Green. “After the party dies down and the venues empty out... then what? We intend to give people hope the morning before they head back to the city.

    It will be interesting to see how the town's finicky folk respond to this new pop up church that will be taking residence Sundays at "Washout Bar" on 240 Fort Pond Rd. (literally walking distance from the Surf Lodge).

    [WashOut, where the Pop-Up church will be located every Sunday Morning]

    From the press release:

    The pop up church is being held at Washout, according to Jessi Marquez, an events planner familiar with Montauk in part through summer happenings at places like Ruschmeyer’s and the Surf Lodge. She and Parker Green, the pastor at Union Square, will run the pop up, which will conclude Labor Day weekend.

    “I have always thought of Montauk as a place of refuge.” Ms. Marquez said. “After long winters in the city I would dream about weekends in Montauk. It was and always will be a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. I hope this summer we can offer people more than just refreshment and a good party. My hope is this summer people head back to the city with purpose and a new relationship with God.”

    The hope of Parker Green is that Montauk members will attend services in the city come the fall season. According to Ms. Marquez, Liberty Church “is a little bit more young and contemporary” than traditional Christian churches. “The music is more upbeat and our demographic is very eclectic,” she said. “It is a much different feel than a traditional church that many New Yorkers are probably accustomed to."

    The target demographic for the pop up church will be “post-college graduates to 35 year olds that go out to Montauk and live in New York City” Ms. Marquez said, adding that trying to find a church at that age can be an overwhelming process.

    Services will be held on Sundays at 11am and involve about 20 minutes of acoustic worship, “and then a short, 15-20 minute message that you can apply to everyday life,” Ms. Marquez said. Something like a brunch buffet will follow, she said, “so you can meet other Christians that are out in Montauk and connect.”

    The church will be open to everyone, and updates will be on twitter at @LibertyMontauk.

    For more information, visit the church's website page here: LibertyChurch

    Or go on Facebook here: LIBERTY FACEBOOK