Pucker Up For A Big, Wet Montauk Makeout!

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · June 25, 2010

    So you may know where to eat, shop, and surf in Montauk, but when it comes down to that magic moment after a couple of drinks at the end of the night, it can be difficult to find that perfect spot to make your move. Luckily, Team GofG may or may not have some experience in picking out just the right place to sneak in that moment.

    The Retro Makeout

    Ever feel like pulling up your Chevy to the local bluff has been lost to the history books? It doesn't have to be! Just past the ever so lovely town of Montauk and right off 27 are the Montauk lookouts. With a view of the ocean, just enough of a breeze, and perhaps a few glasses of some local Wolffer, he/she will be dying to privately plant one on you. Disclaimer: bring bug spray and some warm clothing; bug bites and frostbite are no one's best color.

    The Sexy Vixen Makeout

    Bypass the wine and head straight for the Patron to accomplish this one. Oh, and you're going to need some quarters too. The Memory Motel provides just enough of that divey atmosphere that you know you can get away with almost anything in...so you might as well try...on the pool table. Cozy up on that ledge and go in for the kill, because everyone knows nothing mixes quite as well as sex & sport. Disclaimer: as hot as your moment may be, if the staff tells you 'off', we'd definitely listen.

    Memory Motel: 692 Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY. Phone: 631-668-2702 [website]

    The Sloppy Makeout

    Don't lie; you know you've done it with some hot blondie who stole your heart after a few beers at first sight. But now, find the perfect spot for it. This makeout usually occurs post 2 a.m. en route to finding some way to get home. Our pick: the parking lot at The Point. With the perfect amount of shrubbery, cars, and dark corners, you're sure to keep secret the mess going on between you and your new friend. Disclaimer: headlights of the sane people leaving the bar may interrupt your sloppy session; if so...well, just continue.

    The Point Bar & Grill: Main Street, Montauk, NY. Phone: 631-668-1500 [website]

    The UnHampton Makeout

    Two words: Surf Lodge. Don your flip flops and slap on some lip balm because this is as casual and blase as a makeout will get. The Surf Lodge is the place to head to find an easy-going, laissez faire partner for some tonsil hockey, especially while swaying to the acoustic live music every Tuesday and Thursday. Disclaimer: your new buddy may be too chill to call you, text you, or remember your name...but hey, you reap what you sow when you throw yourself in with this lot.

    The Surf Lodge: 183 Edgemere Street, Montauk, NY, Phone: 631-668-2632 [website]

    There you have it- four new places to have some drinks, flaunt your flirt, and make the most of your night out on the town. And remember, if none of these tickles your fancy, streamline to the sand (just bring a towel!) for the classic beach makeout. Team GofG supports you in your future makeout endeavors, whichever path you choose to take, and remember to invite us to the shotgun wedding.

    [Photo 1 via PrincipalsPage , Photo 2 via TripAdvisor , Photo 3 via Wiki , Photo 4 via TeenDrama , Photo 5 via GofG]