The Surf Lodge Story, As Told By Owner Jayma Cardoso

by Ramya Velury · August 9, 2012

    Steve Lewis from Black Book Magazine recently got a chance to divulge in to the forever-debated controversies of the Surf Lodge and the nuisances it brought to Montauk. With 680 violations last season for it's "disrupting the peace" complaints, the Surf Lodge was forced to make some serious adjustments so visitors could appreciate the true beauty Montauk has to offer.

    Yesterday, he posted about a recent visit to what he said, "brought a chic style that was an acceptable alternative to the quaint fixings of the last town on the strip." He spoke with new owner, Jayma Cardoso, who caught him up on all the changes the Surf Lodge has made in order to accommodate the needs of Montauk. Some of those changes include,

    Closing at 1:45 so guests can "enjoy the sunset more so than stars."

    Taking "green" initiatives including, using driftwood to build the day-beds, not using hotel key cards and using key pads instead, and encouraging guests to use their towel more than once.

    Partnering with SLT for Saturday and Sunday exercise classes and also parterning with NAM juice for those that are health conscious.

    Jayma ended the conversation on a sentimental note saying,

    "I love Montauk, it really is a magical place and the good thing is it really resonates with the people who live here year round and those lucky enough to visit... this is what will always keep Montauk special."


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