Alec Baldwin Gives Back In A Big $250K Way

by Anna Lombardi · May 25, 2011

    Something about his bloated neck, thick tummy and t-rex arm span has had a hold on my heart for as long as I can remember, but after hearing about the special gift Alec Baldwin has made to help Guild Hall in completing their recent renovations has me lusting after him even more.

    Swoon... [via]

    According to The East Hampton Star Hamptons man Mr. Baldwin has used his earnings from his current ad campaign for Capital One Bank and gave $250k to the arts institution.

    "Mr. Baldwin said in the announcement that one of the reasons he partnered with Capital One was to use the commercials as a platform to generate awareness about the need for arts funding."

    The total cost of renovations for the John Drew Theater, it's galleries, and other spaces is $16 million. As of late they have gathered $14 million. Baldwin's generous donation will be put towards the outstanding $2 million needed to complete the renovations. Way to go Alec!