Hamptons Local Vying To Become New Oprah...And We Approve

by GABRIELLE BLUESTONE · June 30, 2010

    Riverhead local Michael Horn really wants to be a TV star. The 53-year-old stage actor has cast his cowboy hat into the ring of Oprah's Search for the Next Big TV Star competition, and we're feeling it.

    With his traditional Long Island accent and kitchen table talk show idea, we think this guy's definitely a perfect fit.  And Horn loves the Hamptons! Unlike most locals who eschew the Hamptons as a "city-iot" locale, Horn promotes Riverhead as "a spot 20 minutes away from a spot that is so famous, it makes the news every night during the summertime," adding that as a result of living on Long Island, "I've been brushing elbows with the rich and famous for almost as long as I've been alive."

    True, we thought Riverhead was just a sign on the L.I.E. (and when we were younger, the home of Splish Splash, where our parents would never take us), but we're backing Horn on this one.

    Currently Horn is trailing in the competition with only 137 votes (Dr. Phyllis leads the pack with 7,154,183 votes cast in her favor), but Team GoG wants a little Hamptons in the mix. Cast your vote here.