How To Like, Get The Perfect Tan, You Know?

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 21, 2011

    The Feast recently posted a video of Hamptons beach goers giving advice on how to achieve a solid "Hamptons" tan. Their biggest word of advice? Making sure you don't end up with an orange, Jersey Shore-esque tan, also described as looking like one has "rolled in a bag of Doritos... sorry Snookie."

    Although it was a clever insult, that's about as good as the advice got. The best tanning hours are from 10am-3pm? Wear a variety of suits so you don't get bad tan lines? Do people really not know that? And to be honest, one of the girls kind of looked like Snooki. Alright, maybe I'm just being harsh because I am from the Jersey Shore, but I guess you should check out the video yourselves. The one thing I would say is worth seeing in the video is the Irish guy wearing a floss suit working on his tan...we all know you're just gonna burn anyway. His pastey-ness is more impressive than any potential tan.

    Here it is: