Weiner Turns To The Hamptons For Solace

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 17, 2011

    Weiner has arrived in the Hamptons! Not that we blame him. Don't we all come to the Hamptons to escape? (Not necessarily to escape from a sex scandal, but escape nonetheless.) According to the Post, former congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife we're spotted in Manorville grocery shopping at King Kullen.

    As they were stocking up on chicken and lettuce (I guess they're dining in this weekend?) a customer took a photo of the couple, which then prompted the couple to leave the store. I wonder what they have planned for the weekend, considering when Weiner was spotted leaving his Queens apartment, there was no computer case to be seen. Guess we'll find out!

    [via] Yes Weiner, we know it was you at the food store, but thanks for the clarification.