Photo Of The Day: Surf Lodge At Capacity, Fire Marshal Pays Another Visit

by KENDRA SEAY · July 29, 2009

    [Packed deck at Surf Lodge. Photos by Rob Rich]

    So, obviously we aren't the only ones who love Surf Lodge. With the legal heat that Surf Lodge is facing for health violations and capacity issues, the "scene" that is being drawn to the far East End due to its' presence is becoming a problem. And not just for Montauk locals who aren't exactly jumping for joy over the chill spot's (if we can still call it that) growing popularity, but also for the Suffolk County Fire Marshal... The crowd pictured above was nothing compared to the mass amounts of people that flocked to Surf Lodge Saturday night. We made our way to the Restaurant/Bar/Hotel just in time to meet owner Jamie Mulholland manning the front entrance explaining to the crowd "The Fire Marshal is here. We can NOT let anyone else in."