So Much For "The Parrot Watch"...BLUE PARROT Is Officially Open!

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 19, 2009

    [Pic by] This tip just came into our inbox and it looks like The Blue Parrot has finally opened. After taking on new ownership, the fate of the East Hampton restaurant was completely up in the air with no signs of re-opening as the summer fastly approached. Some have been on constant Blue Parrot watch and signs of summer preparation within the restaurant finally arrived a few weeks ago followed by proof of actual diners. Naturally, we made a beeline for the Parrot only to be met with a giant "Closed" sign. Finally, one of our favorite TV hosts, Nick Leighton "offers definitive proof that the Blue Parrot is indeed officially open in East Hampton." in Plum's recent video. Cannot wait to try the Parrot's Dirty Bird margarita.