Weekly Run In With The 5-0

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 24, 2009

    [Photo by Dayfile] We here at GofG Hamptons may have already had two humoring encounters with the Hamptons 5-0, but low and behold, after careful research, there is a treasure chest of even funnier Hamptons police news stories. With the serious comes the funny, so while the Hamptons police are nabbing drunk drivers and drug dealers they are also dealing with some not so ordinary crimes...[27east]

    1. On Thursday June 4th, a man, and three others were drinking in an East Hampton home. At some point in the night one man pulled $7,000 in cash out of his pocket and placed in on a table. Sure enough, someone thought it would be funny to pour beer all over the money. The man then put the $7k on a "heat source" to dry it and when he returned the money was gone! Okay so seriously, I would have loved to have been present when the conversation caused one man to take the abnormally large amount of cash out his pocket. It would have been even better to see his face when one of his belligerent friends poured beer all over it. Classic.

    2. On June 19, a 49-year-old woman drove away from a Getty Gas Station on Montauk Highway, thinking the gas attendant was done pumping her gas. In actuality the pump was still attached to her car and gas spewed everywhere. She sure got aw-FULL service this time around.

    3. A 71-year-old Amagansett woman reported on Friday that someone had stolen a queen-size mattress from her garage between the dates of May 19 and June 12. The theives must have thought that either their was money inside of the mattress. Or maybe they needed to replace their old one due to a bed wetting incident after an alcoholic tangent. 4. A very familiar name recently came up for an East Hampton DWI arrest. Tracy Feith was pulled over for having a defective tailight and discovered to be intoxicated. After further reading, the Tracy Feith that was arrested was in fact a SHE and not in any way related to the designer. What would we do with our favorite chic designer behind bars?!