"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Another Night Of AXE-tastic Adventures At Dune In Southampton

by KENDRA SEAY · June 25, 2009

    [All photos via KirillWasHere] Lets revisit last Saturday night at AXE Lounge shall we? The booze-driven party hoppers swarmed to AXE Lounge by the masses filling the club from front door to back causing mayhem at its' finest. The cause of this rowdy crowd you might be wondering? Was it Stavros Niarchos, the 25-year old celebrity shipping-heir partying with friends in one corner or the Trophy Kids cast in the other? Maybe it was the Love Heals benefit spilling over for an Axe-tastic after party? Perhaps the wafting scent of AXE spray man musk was drawing club goers in or could it have been DJ Nick Cohen dancing away on top of a table? Nope, not a chance. He didn't even take his shirt off!...

    More story and photos inside AXE Lounge below...So, we're going to go with none of the above on this one and presume that it was none other than DJ Steve Aoki spinning the crowd into a frenzy causing the hot spot to fill to capacity. We've all seen what his work on the turn tables does to the party crowd on the West Coast so it comes to no surprise he had the same effect on the East Enders.