"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Saying Goodbye To Dune's Summer Of AXE-tastic Adventures

by KENDRA SEAY · September 9, 2009

    [All photos by LISA WAGNER for BlogHamptons] Sunday was a sad, sad day for club-crawlers across the East End as Axe Lounge at Dune celebrated its final weekend of the summer season. These guys were especially heart broken as their days of bonding over bottles of booze while showing off their fist-pumping techniques, hitting on scantily-clad girls, and partying until they can't see straight behind the walls of the Southampton hot spot are officially over. Now they will have to wait until next summer to participate in all of the AXE-tastic booze-filled mayhem because where else will they find such a place...named after a can of man spray.

    More story and photos below...The club had quite the summer with club-goers on a booze crazed mission to have a good time in the Hamptons with countless amounts of rope swinging, alcoholic makeout sessions, drunken sparkle-lit birthdays, owners who know how to party as much as their guests, infamous groups of club destroyers, Celebrity DJs to celebrity performances, and crowding the step & repeat before crowding the room of professional fist pumpers. Here's a look inside their last weekend...